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How long does Gamstop last

So, you couldn’t keep your iGaming habits under control and you’ve turned to Gamstop for help; but now you want to know when you can move on with your online gambling journey? If so, this page is the perfect place for you.

This text will explain how Gamstop works, how long its plans last and which casino sites fall under its supervision. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to avoid the notorious Gamstop rules and find a way to claim the best casino bonus offers from numerous offshore online gambling sites.

Finally, we will tell you what happens when Gamstop ends and what the exclusion removal procedure looks like, so that you can break free and go back to your favourite pastime.

How Does Gamstop Work?

Gamstop is a service designed to stop problem gamblers from visiting online gambling sites. It can be applied to online casinos and gaming apps regulated in the UK and allows players to set the exclusion period themselves.

Before you start using Gamstop, you must register on its official website. To do so, you need to provide your personal details and answer a few questions that will prove your identity.

Once all that is done, you’ll receive a confirmation email that will contain useful information regarding your self-exclusion. Log in and make sure to keep your personal details up to date. After completing all these steps, your exclusion from all gambling sites in Great Britain will start. Bear in mind though that the service can take up to 24 hours to become active.

Gamstop Exclusion Plans

Players’ first question after they show interest in this service is “How long does Gamstop last?”. First, you should know that Gamstop offers different plans for self-exclusion from UK-licensed gambling sites. By activating this service, you can get yourself excluded from gambling for:

  • Six months
  • One year
  • Five years

After you choose your plan and activate it, you’ll only be able to play in the casinos not on Gamstop. Namely, casino sites that are licensed by online gambling jurisdictions other than the one that is based in Great Britain.

Still, before you sign up and start playing on a gambling site that you know nothing about, go through the best casino sites reviews to ensure you’re dealing with safe and legit operators.

What Happens When Gamstop Ends?

Many players think that they can immediately start playing after their Gamstop exclusion has expired. Unfortunately – or luckily – this is not the case. The exclusion will remain active for the next seven years, unless a player personally removes it.

To remove the exclusion, you need to contact the Gamstop helpdesk using the official phone number. The Gamstop team will verify your identity and make sure you’re ready to gamble again before the removal process starts.

If you think you still need abstinence from online gambling, even though the calendar has stated your Gamstop exclusion ended, you’ll have the option to reactivate the exclusion program and extend it further through your Gamstop account.


As you can see, once you accept Gamstop services, you’ll have to wait for some time before you can start playing your favourite casino games in UK-licensed online gambling sites. With your approval, Gamstop will prevent you from accessing all gambling sites regulated in Great Britain and the exclusion plan can last for six months, one year, or five years.

That said, you can still join offshore gambling sites and play bingo, poker, table games and slots not on Gamstop until your plan expires. Remember, the fact that your Gamstop exclusion ended, doesn’t mean you’ll immediately get access to all British gambling sites.

Before Great Britain lets you visit the sites under its jurisdiction, you’ll have to contact the Gamstop team using the phone line and sort out the removal from the service with them.

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