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Does gambling affect credit score

If you’re interested in how gambling could affect your credit score, you’re on the right page. This 3-digit number is a measure of your creditworthiness and determines how likely you are to be approved for a loan. In addition to that, a good one opens a wide range of options at your bank.

However, many gamblers wonder this — does gambling affect credit rating in the UK? Also, does gambling affect mortgage applications in the UK?

We’ll answer those questions in the article below and explain whether Gamstop affects credit score in any way. Read on.

How Does Gambling Affect Credit Score In The UK?

Gambling and credit score have always had a somewhat strange relationship. One thing is certain: gambling can affect your credit score, but placing a bet here and there won’t make your score lower. Your gambling behaviour — especially irresponsible behaviour — is what will affect your credit score.

So, do gambling accounts affect credit rating? Just owning an account and using it reasonably isn’t likely to affect the credit score. However, if there’s a history of reckless transactions and bets, it may become a problem.

Therefore, feel free to open an account and start betting, but please remember that your bets can be traced, and banks often perform affordability checks on gambling.

Does Gamstop Affect Credit Rating?

Enrolling in the Gamstop self-exclusion program won’t negatively affect your credit score, as all information on this service is confidential. Still, all your activities on UKGC sites that had taken place before you decided to activate Gamstop are visible and can harm your credit score.

Yet, if you get excluded from all gambling sites that are part of Gamstop, you won’t have access to any of them for the specified time frame. This could prove frustrating for some players. If you have restricted access to UKGC gambling sites, you could always check non Gamstop casinos as well.

Also, players who are into slot machines can browse through our list of platforms that offer slots not on Gamstop.

Does Betting Affect Mortgage Rating In The UK?

Sports bettors might be wondering this — do betting apps affect credit rating? The answer is no different compared to other gambling options for UK gamblers.

It can affect your credit score if your gambling activities aren’t within the boundaries, and this also applies to your mortgage rating. However, if you start making bets one after another, wagering more than you can earn, this will have a devastating effect on your rating. One way to avoid this is to access non-UKGC sites, as your betting activities aren’t tracked on them. Some of these sites have pretty lucrative bonuses, so we decided to make a list of those that offer the best casino deposit bonus offers.

Can Banks Block Gambling Transactions?

Banks make a profit by giving loans and helping people buy their dream homes. But if they calculate that someone is not eligible for a loan, they’ll turn them down. However, they also offer gamblers services that put a restriction on their gambling activities. In other words, banks may offer blocking apps and solutions that you can download and exclude yourself from gambling, which can improve your overall credit score.

Can Natwest Block Gambling?

Natwest will block gambling transactions on your card if necessary, or you can choose to block them yourself. Once you decide to activate the transactions again, you’ll have to wait for 48 hours.

Can Santander Block Gambling?

Santander allows you to pick the types of transactions you want to block, such as those on gambling sites. This means you won’t have to put your Santander Mastercard out of use.

Can RBS Block Gambling?

The Royal Bank of Scotland features a tool that its customers can use to self-assess their gambling activities and decide whether they need to put a stop to them. They can block their gambling transactions using the mobile bank app.

Can MBNA Stop Gambling?

Apart from offering a solution to freeze or unfreeze your gambling transactions, MBNA actually allows a seven-day trial period for Gamban.

Can Lloyds Bank Stop Gambling?

Lloyds also features a free trial of the Gamban app, as well as the freeze function that can give you a chance to stop your gambling transactions.

Can Halifax Stop Gambling?

Halifax takes care of its users who gamble by providing the freeze function, a seven-day trial of the Gamban app, the financial tracking tool, and the psychological support related to gambling addiction.

Can HSBC Stop Gambling?

Users can add and remove gambling restrictions if HSBC is their bank by using the Pay By Bank app. Self-restrictions also feature a 72-hour cool-off period which is activated once you decide to deactivate the restrictions.

Can Monzo Stop Gambling?

Monzo also features a banking app that lets you put a stop to all gambling-related transactions. However, once you want to deactivate this restriction, you’ll have to get in touch with Monzo’s customer support.


To sum up: does gambling affect credit score in the UK? Does sports betting affect credit card score? The answer to both questions is rather straightforward: yes, it does. However, if you gamble responsibly and within your budget, you won’t have to worry too much.

One of the ways to avoid having your transactions tracked is using non-UK casinos.

All of these are labelled as offshore casinos, and you can use anonymous payment methods on some of them. Moreover, they offer a wide range of titles that aren’t available in UKGC-licensed casinos, so check out games not on Gamstop.

All platforms featured on our site are reviews, so feel free to read our many UK casino reviews.

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